Okay, here’s the deal. You walk into a building (condo, apartment, etc.) and the doorman opens the door but does not greet you. Chalk it up to a bad day for him/her. You see a concierge sitting at the front desk. You approach them as you are not sure where you need to go. However, you are still not greeted. As a matter of fact, the concierge is on the phone and does not bother to acknowledge you at all. Oh really, now?  How many times have you gone into a building, not knowing where to do, only to NOT be helped by the very person who is hired to actually HELP you?!

In 2011, Erica A. Rucker created Diamond Hospitality Services, Inc. to fulfill a dire need to recruit top-notch staff members for our clients. Our clients do not want to deal with the process of advertising positions, going through resumes/applications, interviewing, hiring, training, PAYROLL/BENEFITS, managing, disciplining, firing, etc. You know…that pesky time-consuming human resources stuff. So you know what? They call us!

Providing you with service that shines!

That’s our motto and what we live by and stand behind. We provide our clients with service that shines bright like a diamond. From concierge to doormen, receptionists to lobby attendants, our goal is to provide our own in-house staff to clients who are in need of our services. Our clients include luxury high-rise buildings with staffed lobbies, such as condominiums, apartments, office buildings, retirement homes and, most recently added, high-end shopping malls.

Check out our website for more information about Diamond Hospitality Services:

~Hospitality Shero

Your destination into the world of hospitality!

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