Picture this, if you will:

You arrive at a hotel that you’ve never been to, expecting to receive pretty good service upon arrival, right? I mean, that’s not much to expect! The hotel offers valet parking (because when you park downtown, there’s nowhere to park EXCEPT to valet park, right? Think, $20-50 a night for parking.), concierge, club levels, and bellman service, to name a few choice options. You pull up, expecting to be bum-rushed by the valet staff. WRONG! Everybody is just standing around, chit chatting, while totally ignoring you, the guest. Okay, so you get out of your car (after they finally notice you) and you go inside…only to stand in line for 10-15 minutes, without ever being acknowledged. You reach the front desk and there is no apology for the long wait, nor is there a smile from the associate (I’m a smiley-type person and the least I expect is a SMILE!). Once you make it to your room, you discover things aren’t right. Used soap was left in the shower (who does that?). The bedspread didn’t look quite as clean (we all know they rarely get cleaned anyway) as it should have been. Not enough towels were left in the bathroom. The TV didn’t work. Any of this sound familiar?

 Just how many times have you arrived at a hotel and your immediate experience was less than desirable? World-Class Hotel Consulting was born out of a desire to help hotels improve their moments-of-truth with their guests. Why? Because those moments-of-truth will decide whether a hotel will have a repeat guest. Speaking of, that just happens to be our tagline and what we’re all about:

We Create Repeat Guests

Our goal is to help each hotel client improve their processes so that they can have repeat guests. You know what repeat guests do? They tell their friends and family about their experience! What usually happens next? The friend(s) and/or family end up staying at the same hotel. The cycle repeats itself. On the other hand, if a guest has a bad experience, what do you REALLY think is going to happen? That guest will tell everybody not to ever stay at that hotel. Guess what? #snowball_effect Everybody else will tell THEIR network not to stay at that hotel. Negative experiences will make the rounds of social media faster than lighting and, once it hits social media, it becomes very hard to contain.

Get the picture?

We work exclusively with hotels. However, we will take on clients in restaurants and resorts, as well.

Our website is now in the process of being created, so stay tuned! (

~Hospitality Shero

Your destination into the world of hospitality!

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