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Seattle boss raises entire company’s minimum wage to $70,000

April 15, 2015 I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this amazing boss, but this guy is a true hero for his company. Wish more and more owners would step up to the plate for their employees, right? There’s no reason a CEO should be making $1 million a year when their employees are barely making ends meet. Just my opinion, but owners tend to forget who helped them build and grow their company. I plan to be in a position to do this exact same thing for my own staff one day. Mark my words! ~Hospitality Shero After hearing about a study that claimed income — to a certain level — directly affects one’s emotional well-being, the founder of a Seattle-based credit card processing company announced Monday that he will take a large salary cut so he can increase the pay for each employee to at least $70,000 a year. The New York Times reported that Dan Price, the head of Gravity Payments, told his 120-person staff about the plan after talking to friends …

Photo of the Week: Tianmen Mountain, China

April 9, 2015 Would YOU drive on this road? Here’s a brief synopsis: – Heaven-linking Avenue: Actually it is the twisting mountain road from the foot of the mountains to the ‘Heaven Ladders’ of Tianmen Cave. The mountain road is only less than 11 kilometers but the elevation rises rapidly from 200 meters to 1300 meters. Ninety nine turnings decorate the holy road and it was built with over a hundred million of Chinese Yuan investment together with a 5 years hard working. The twisting road is like a white dragon lying on the mountains, this road is regarded as the most amazing mountain road in the world. This road is used for mountain bike cycle races, definitely it is interesting and exiting to ride bicycle at Tianmenshan, and bicycle lovers focus more on the beautiful sceneries along the road and the challenge to conquer such a mountain distance. Amazing, huh? Great road to ride a bike, huh? Until next time, y’all… ~ Hospitality Shero

Why hugging can be useful_other reasons

Originally posted on writing with the stethoscope:
I am writing a medical article about Heyde’s syndrome and while reading one of the case reports I came across this introduction of the patient background. It is astonishing how this woman got diagnosed with aortic stenosis. After giving her little granddaughter a hug: In october 2002, a woman aged 68 became dyspnoeic with decreased exercise tolerance and episodic chest pain. Prompted by her 8-year-old granddaughter, who on hugging her had commented that her heart ‘sounded funny0, she consulted her general practicioner, who diagnosed aortic stenosis, later confirmed by echocardiogram. Hasan, Fyeza, Ciara S O’Brien, Aparna Sanyal, and Harry R Dalton. “Aortic Stenosis and Gastrointestinal Bleeding.” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 97, no. 2 (February 2004): 81–82.

How Restaurateur Stephen Starr Expands His Empire Via The Customer Service Experience

April 6, 2015 I gotta tell ya…this is an OUTSTANDING article on giving customers/clients an experience. I couldn’t have said it any better. Whether you work in a restaurant or hotel, grocery store or auto repair shop, I urge you to read the entire interview. This guy offers a wealth of advice and tips to help others in what they do. In today’s society, it’s ALL about the customer service experience! Building loyalty is the K-E-Y! Example: Whenever I go to Publix, someone ALWAYS greets me and someone is always asking if I need help and they go out of their way to help when I do need it. Ask yourself: how many other grocery stores do that? I know one place sure doesn’t do it and I try to avoid it when possible! ~Hospitality Shero One of the great entrepreneurial success stories in food service and hospitality is the ambitious and sustained expansion of the Stephen Starr restaurant organization up and down the East Coast since its strictly-Philadelphian start in 1995. Since that time, …

Six Stunning New Wilderness Retreats

April 3, 2015 This is for all you wilderness lovers! If I were a TRUE wilderness person, I would seriously add these to my bucket list… Natural Habitat’s Base Camp in Greenland Greenland’s east coast is a primeval frontier, home to tiny, isolated Inuit villages and little else but ice. This August, Natural Habitats debuts Base Camp Greenland at the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet—second in size only to Antarctica—and the glacial Sermilik Fjord. Days in the arctic tundra are spent navigating the fjord’s maze of floating icebergs by zodiac boat, kayaking the Greenland Sea, and scouting Arctic fox, hare, and loon during treks through fields of cotton grass. The camp’s first season opens on Aug. 1, 2015. Pumphouse Point in Tasmania Floating in the middle of Lake St. Clair, against the backdrop of Tasmania’s primitive Central Highlands rain forests, this hydro-pump-station-turned-boutique-hotel feels a bit like its own private island—just, you know, with all the comforts of a mountain lodge. Inside Pumphouse Point, walls of Tasmanian oak and an earthy palette of muted grays, …

Photo of the Week: Air Force Memorial & Honor Guard Sculpture

April 2, 2015 A continuation from our visit to Arlington National Cemetery on March 19, 2015….. If you’ve never been to the Washington, D.C. area (or, if you’re ANYTHING like me, if you have lived in the area for several years and still didn’t take the time to play tourist lol), then you might not know about this amazing piece of history. Amazing shot, right? See the rainbow??? A bit about it: The design of the Air Force Memorial symbolizes flight and the flying spirit with three stainless steel spires that soar 270 feet high and represent contrails of the Air Force Thunderbirds as they disperse in a “bomb burst” maneuver. “The sculptures act as a human complement to the overwhelming steel spires of the Memorial.” Annnnnnnd….we have yours truly (lil ol’ moi) staring up at the Honor Guard sculpture, which is in the same vicinity as the memorial. Thankfully, the rain had let up long enough for us to enjoy this beautiful moment! In all the years I lived in the metro D.C. area …

Dog Vs Cat: Cute ‘Ninja’ Kitten Shows Doberman Who’s Boss

April 1, 2015 Like, seriously? If you don’t laugh, or even SMILE, at this video, you need to have your human card taken away. lol I had two dogs, Prince and Bandit, and Prince (the brown one) was just like the kitten…not recognizing his smaller size and chasing down German Shepherds and horses (from a previous neighbor)! I miss all of my pets (7 birds and 2 dogs) so I get my pet fix through these videos (and visiting pet stores!). Funny, the dog’s name is Bishop (Looking sideways at my readers…) Check it out: Well, did you laugh or smile? I still chuckle at this video! Pets are so special! Until next time, y’all… ~Hospitality Shero

Quote of the Week: Wisdom

March 31, 2015 Need I say more? Not even gonna lie. Patience is something I have been struggling with for a lonnnnng time. smh But I can use wisdom with the best of ’em! lol What about you? Do you have an inordinate amount of patience, or do you tend to be a “hot head” on occasion? Until next time, y’all… ~Hospitality Shero

How To Satisfy a Customer (Without Really Trying)

Originally posted on The Service Culture:
As listed in my latest Buzzfeed article, there are many different kinds of customers. Some are friendly, and you won’t mind spending an extra minute chit-chatting with them about the price of Easter candy. Others are, well, less so, and will probably be the ones waving their receipts in your face insisting the sign said Buy One, Get One. Either way, all species of customer are customers nonetheless and you are therefore required to afford them a certain level of respect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t streamline the process of serving them a little bit. The following is a foolproof guide to getting the customer in and out in a (presumably) satisfied manner. The best part about it? You’re so good at serving customers, you should be able to follow the steps without even trying. Smile. This is so simple an action that it should almost be a reflex. Don’t keep looking down at your group chat when you see a customer approaching from the corner of your eye. Look…