Author: PHENOM


“Where in the world is the PHENOM?!?!? Sorry Carmen Sandiego…but scoot on over and make room for another FEMME FATALE teaching humility, kicking depressions butt, dreaming out loud, being adventurous, and showing that work can be fun along this journey of life with a little hint of Nat Geo and the Travel Channel and of course your occasional splash of the Food Network. I’m like Carmen Sandiego 2.0.”

“Kiss Me If You’re Feeling Lucky:” A Quick Trip To Historic Savannah To Ease Weekday Work Stress

Beautiful Architecture in Historic towns. History: Tomo Chi Chi & Oglethorpe…Founders of Georgia. Grave Monuments. River Street. Seafood. Historic Street Walks. Partying with Strangers. Drawing Abe Lincoln on Beer napkins at The “Lincoln” Bar. Green Fountains. Silly Boat Tours. Frozen Drinks. Industrial Sites. Weeping Willow Tree Shade. High Fiving Cool Cops. Sweet Heat. A Tanners Dream. “Kiss Me If You’re Feeling Lucky” T-Shirts & Beads. Luxury Hotels. A Green Stretched Parade From Street to Street. Hot tubs and Pool Nights. Long talks in the Lobbies and Late Night Food Joints. Laughter filled streets. National Tourist Galore. And Weekender Memories to be Made!!! This all occurred on a spur of the moment trip last week to Savannah, GA for Saint Patties Day weekend! Both of  my friends birthdays had just passed in the week and we had no idea what to do in Atlanta. We wanted more than the usual dinner, club, and drink until you can’t feel your face kind of celebration. We wanted a more mature feel…a celebration that would be more memorable. We all had crazy work …

From Resident to Tourist: Negril DREAM WEEKEND 2015 DESTINATION!!!!

  Wah Gwan vacationers galore! Coming from a Caribbean upbringing with strong West Indian traditions I have always traveled back and forth to my parents home in Jamaica and our home in the U.S. However, people always ask me how amazing it must be and how it must be a never ending vacation when I go to the island but it’s the exact opposite!!! Not in the way that I dislike Jamaica or that it’s this struggling third World Country that select news and media play it out to be but more of how it’s this beautiful haven away from your troubles that resort commercials and the travel network boast it up to be. I’ve NEVER had that experience. Before I knew better I thought that maybe I had been ungrateful or looking at it in the wrong way but as I grew older and wiser I realized that it’s because I always go as a resident. I was young, naïve, and could only enjoy what children do. My parents made trips to Jamaica feel as a home away …