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Where in the world is the PHENOM?!?!? Sorry Carmen Sandiego…but scoot on over and make room for another FEMME FATALE teaching humility, kicking depressions butt, dreaming out loud, being adventurous, and showing that work can be fun along this journey of life with a little hint of Nat Geo and the Travel Channel and of course your occasional  splash of the Food Network. I’m like Carmen Sandiego 2.0. Wait until I upgrade and go global! Or universal!!! (Someone please help me build a spaceship?!) That will all come in due time. What is life without happiness? NADA! Living to work only results in depression, stress, and sadness. But working hard makes reaping the fruits of your labor only that much sweeter. So spare us both the despair and sad tales of “I wish I did…”, “I wish I would go…”, and “I wish I  could have…” ill-gotten regretful statements and do whatever it is your caged up little spontaneous heart desires. You’re not a mime so get out of that stifling invisible box..[Unless you are a mime and you love your little box then…carry on!] We can make the impossible possible. The key is letting go of that old dusty baggage and packing up some new beautiful Luggage and booking that next flight to Louisiana just to try a Po Boy and reflect on life in the most positive way possible.

From LA to NY to DC!!! From the Hollywood Walk Of Fame to Times Square to The Nation’s Capital. I have plenty of stories to share for the Fall reader and hopeful adventurer. I still owe part 2 of my LA story. But I have some extra goodies to add to that long wait. ATL, DC, NY, FLORIDA, EUROPE, & JAMAICA to come this fall/winter. I’m excited…are you?

Hey there Hospitality Shero! Oh how I’ve missed thee. My stories are coming to you revamped, renewed, refreshed, with a well needed face lift and cup of morning herbal tea ( Not much of a coffee drinker) to compliment.  Hotels, amazing stays, cooler views, amazing food, tasty drinks, live entertainment, unpredictable weather woes, worthy causes, and of course a few new friends along the journey to add to stamp on those oh so special memories.

So  where do I start…at the top of the summer! Part two of LA from May is coming soon as well as the rest of the summer months to follow. Plus one article a week instead of a every other week feature.

Let’s take this journey together. Aviator shades, sun hat, smart phone, and a vibrant smile to match. There’s no problem with reminiscing and basking in the luxury of past happiness. And before I forget…HELLO FALL! I’m ready to take you on too!

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