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6 Year Long Venture: I’m going GOING back BACK to cali CALI! (PART 1)

Have you ever dreamt of something so much that it kept you up at night. That it was so close that you could taste it kind of feel. So real that you can make that dream a reality kind of deal. Well flashback three weeks ago…My 6 year long dream had finally become true. No Walt Disney fairytale necessary.

Most people have destination dream vacations and others destination trips even in their home Country. Well IDK exactly what it was but mine was more of a career calling and maturity evolving kind of pull. It was sort of magnetic. This place that I have never seen, but could dream of and only heard of or saw on TV and in movies  was ever existing and growing comfortably as a new thought in my mind. It even made a spell in my dreams. Coming in and out as it pleased. How rude yet bold at the same time. It laughed at the thought of hiding in my subconscious. It wanted to prevalently known.

Putting school and work first has always been a duty and goal of mine. To work hard first and reap the benefits that my hardworking life has to give in the long run. But I learned a valuable lesson through losing those I love, through being unhappy, and through Faith. And that lesson was to value the short term. Life is bittersweet. The Bitter…you can go at any day and never know to be prepared. The sweet…you can live each day especially by intuition and enjoy the fruits that the world has to give in loved ones, nature, your happiness, and your own peace and serenity.

As of last year, I have been making changes for ME  and making sure that I find joy and positivity in each aspect of life. Even connecting more with nature as I did as a child, always finding some reason or form of writing because it brings me happiness, and thinking out side of the box and outside of the media manipulated grid. As of 2015 I have been more spontaneous. Adding random trips, taking risks, trying new things,  and even taking a jab at love.

Upon going through my daily emails, even promotion updates I saw the deal of a lifetime. I prayed on it for so long. Even clients I worked with and family members  have been trying to convince me to move out to this state but I  have been cautious. Since I book most of my family members trips and handle my mothers day to day tasks being that her and technology are obvious enemies, I usually get emails for her as well. And there it was…so out there and so unbelievable that if I was frozen in shock and awe. I probably would of jumped and screamed if not stuck in times standstill. I logged out of my emails because I didn’t want to get fooled by looked over spam. But a little voice with mighty reassuring words spoke to me and I looked back at the email. $198 Round Trip, 1 week, Between Cinco De Mayo and Mothers Day, from ATL-LA. Prices have never been that low at least in my time minus the 90’s (I’m what baby boomers call a young blood.)!!! Honestly I was a little scared. I thought that I had to bring my own seat and my own plane engine at this price. I immediately called my brother in LA, told him about the ticket, and he told me to take it and no matter what he was ready for my visit; Actually long overdue for it.

So there I was…card in hand…booking this Godsend of a ticket. And then in the blink of an eye from 6 years to that very moment it was! I was going to visit Los Angeles in three weeks. I had to get prepared. Where to start…I did not know but letting work know was a start but luckily I work from home and can make my own schedule at work due to career changes (a part of my life changes from the last year.) It was like my journey had been pre-destined and set because…IT WAS REAL!!!

I was so excited that I posted about it on my social sites and got raves, advice, cheers, and a few threats from confused friends who thought I was up and moving out of nowhere for good.  But mostly I received LOVE!

When the time came for me to leave I was well prepared, I had connected with most of my friends who I remembered lived in LA so we could all hang out, and I was ready for whatever. And that was the sweetest part. Being open and willing to the unexpected. Only guided through my intuition, my dream, and my faith! I have so much to share with you all that I don’t know where to even start but let me start by saying do what the heart wants. Get up and go if you can and if you can’t you must make time for you. That way you will never have regret in your memories, negativity in your heart, and unresolved life goals attached to your ever yearning soul! Be you, be true to yourself, and be happy. That’s the only way that you can live your life to it’s fullest extent. Most of all be…boundless!!!


[Pictures, Trip Details, Restaurants, Crazy mishaps, and Locations will follow in my next blog. It was so nice that I had to make it twice as long and split it into two. hah!:)]

Share with  yah next time!

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PHENOM With A Sharp Quill aims to take you on a spiritual journey with no limits, boundaries, or rules. You are the creator and let your imagination run rampantly wild with all that your mind consumes on this blog. My words are here to be devoured, absorbed, and recycled again and again. Awaken and smell the garden...it's fresh and blooming with beauty!!! This life of ours is made to be lived so let's live and let's be rebellious in our nature, the way we love, the way we think, the way we dream, in our faith, and in the way we hope. You are bigger than you think you are. Let the art exude from your soul and paint a canvas worth more than words and monetary value. Be the art in the art of the art! Be YOU! Be FREE! Be ENDLESS! Be CONFIDENT! Be a RISK TAKER! Be a LEADER! Be a LOVER! Be a HERO! Be LIVING! BE A PHENOM!!!! xOxO -Etta East a.k.a PHENOM With A Sharp Quill

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