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This past Sunday, May 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending a BYOB event in ATL but it wasn’t just any usual BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer or Be Your Own Bartender) event…it was IGLOO! One of the most popular BYOB events in the Caribbean with a loyal fan base in Worldwide.

IGLOO, self quoted “Di Original Cooler Party!”, is the only event produced island wide in Jamaica. Due to much success the event has  branched up North to the U.S. hosting events in Florida, New York, and as of this year…Atlanta, GA.

The mission statement of the website Igloo Nation is that, “It’s a do as you please event as patrons have the freedom of partying however they like, with whomever they like, drinking whatever they like in an adult setting responsibly!”


Being West Indian, of Jamaican heritage to be specific, and never really attending Caribbean events…I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and purchase a ticket to this super dope yet irie event along with my other friends and family members.

Social media was buzzing like a beehive as people prepared for one the biggest events to hit ATL especially from an international platform.

People were super excited especially since you could follow the companies ATL page @iglooatlanta on social sites like IG and keep up with the everyday travel, updates, drink selections, music, and food that were going to be provided at the event. Even one of the most popular West Indian Urban wear companies, RepJa, was on board as a host and  sponsor of this epic event.

Tickets were a steal. $20 in adv., $30 online, and $40 at the door. All you have to do after that is buy a fly outfit, get a cooler full of your favorite drinks, and bring your dancing feet because some of the top sounds/djs like Mix Master David of ATL, Shane Talon, DJ KASH, and Jamaica’s very own COPPERSHOT would be spinning your favorite tunes in Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, R & B, EDM,  and more!

I got prepped with my friends, stacked the cooler, put on my favorite new shades and headed out to enjoy this big outdoor event series. A great time doesn’t even suffice. Saying that I had fun is an understatement. I…Had…A…BLASTTTTT!!!! As West Indians say the party was wayyy “Tun Up!!!” Let’s say that the day after I could barely function. Of course I know my limits…I am a super light drinker so I never drink too much but the essence of the event alone gave me a natural happy high like no other and that was the best part.

I ate some awesome food from Tastee Spoon. Who knew French fries with cheese, grilled jerk chicken breast, and jerk b-que sauce all mixed would taste like heaven. Not me but I am now a believer! Shamefully I barely got a chance to enjoy because my friends and family soon discovered what I had and devoured my plate to nothing.

IGLOO Atlanta was well worth the money. I enjoyed myself to the max, met some great people, chilled with those that I appreciate, and went home tired, tipsy, yet…overly satisfied. My white converses will never be white again after all the red dirt from the location the event was held in at Lithonia Amphitheatre. I can’t wait to experience this event in it’s original location in Jamaica. For now I can only imagine or just experience the fun on YouTube! 😀

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