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Photo of the Week: Tianmen Mountain, China

April 9, 2015

Would YOU drive on this road?

Here’s a brief synopsis:

– Heaven-linking Avenue: Actually it is the twisting mountain road from the foot of the mountains to the ‘Heaven Ladders’ of Tianmen Cave. The mountain road is only less than 11 kilometers but the elevation rises rapidly from 200 meters to 1300 meters. Ninety nine turnings decorate the holy road and it was built with over a hundred million of Chinese Yuan
investment together with a 5 years hard working. The twisting road is like a white dragon lying on the mountains, this road is regarded as the most amazing mountain road in the world. This road is used for mountain bike cycle races, definitely it is interesting and exiting to ride bicycle at Tianmenshan, and bicycle lovers focus more on the beautiful sceneries along the road and the challenge to conquer such a mountain distance.


Tianmen Cave, China

Amazing, huh? Great road to ride a bike, huh?

Until next time, y’all…

~ Hospitality Shero


  1. Amazing! Reminds me a little bit of this winding mountain road we took to Masca Valley in Tenerife… It was pretty freaky being up there but so worth it for the views. This one looks even wilder, I’d love to go there!

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