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Just earlier today, my home was fumigated by Orkin pest control to prepare against  the Spring/Summer critters, make you shriek-ers, colony marchers, yard picnic bombardiers, and creepy crawlers. Upon the visit my mom warned me of the type of pest control that we were using and the level of their pesticide being that small children and a small dog reside in our home. I researched the company and asked the necessary questions regarding our home and it’s occupants before choosing Orkin to service our home on the inside and outside. I reassured her that all was well as she informed me of a recent occurrence where a family on vacation are currently in critical condition due to the effects of pesticides from Terminix. Before the service started, I decided to look into the story a little further because my mother tends to over exaggerate at times.

After reviewing several articles I saw that upon visiting the Virgin Islands at the Luxury Sirenusa Condominium Resort in Cruz Bay, St. John, three members of the Esmond family of four were left in critical condition, including two young boys who had seizures and are left in a coma. The possible suspect…an illegal pesticide that was used indoors. The criminals name…Methyl Bromide a colorless and order less gas which was used to kill indoor wood eating beetles.

Methyl Bromide is usually used outdoors on crops to prevent pests from affecting such crops as tomatoes and strawberries. It is injected in the soil to yield the harvest from the pests. There are cases in which the chemical has gotten people sick before because of it’s affects to humans.

The family from Wilmington, Delaware became ill while on their vacation due to the room below them being fumigated upon their arrival. At night the chemicals began to affect the family. The toxic chemical, used by Terminix which is now banned on the island until further investigations conclude, is prohibited in residential settings but has been used as an indoor application in the vacation condos on more than one occasion.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency or EPA banned the use of Methyl Bromide indoors in the U.S. in 1984 due to “Acute Toxicity”. Along with the condominium, Terminix also faces a criminal investigation and the EPA are looking into other vacationers that may have been affected by the pesticide.

My question? Who in the heck approved of this?!?!? Number one how can you put people in such  danger without knowing the consequences of using the pesticide and if you knew and did it anyway…you deserve to be prosecuted especially if young children are hurt seriously or die as a result of such actions, as we can see from this story I hope that death is not a result.

My advice to families going on vacation especially with young children is to be PREPARED and be AWARE; especially of the unexpected. Research the Hotel, Condo, Resort, or Rental home where you are staying for customer reviews which you can find on any booking site and if they do not mesh up with your standards…pass on it! Call and ask any and all questions especially who they use for pest control. My mom told me that nothing in life comes easy, nothing in life is free, and sometimes CHEAP  is another word for lock me up, torture me, and throw away the key because all you will get are the worse, leftovers, let downs, and empty pockets. Look for the right place for your money and if you can’t afford a great vacation just wait on it because your happiness, your health, your family, and your overall LIFE is well worth the cost. And no matter how luxurious it may look on the outside, remember that a diamond was once a coal. Make sure you polish off the details and get to the root of all the pros and cons of where you are resting your head on days that should be filled with relaxation, bliss, happiness, and sun bathing not being bed ridden, sickness due to outside causes, and helicopter flown to the hospital which is sadly what had to happen with the Esmond family. I pray that they will come out on top of this terrible situation.

After I read the article I questioned the Orkin guy like as if he was under investigation and I watched his every move. I let him know about the article that I read and he let me know that all was well and that everything was safe because that is the only way his company operates. I felt a little more comfortable and he did a great job so I can’t wait for their next visit. Terminix will NEVER get a call from me and as for my worrisome mom…she’s comfortable for NOW!

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