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Dog Vs Cat: Cute ‘Ninja’ Kitten Shows Doberman Who’s Boss

April 1, 2015

Like, seriously?

If you don’t laugh, or even SMILE, at this video, you need to have your human card taken away. lol I had two dogs, Prince and Bandit, and Prince (the brown one) was just

like the kitten…not recognizing his smaller size and chasing down German Shepherds and horses (from a previous neighbor)! I miss all of my pets (7 birds and 2 dogs) so I get my pet fix through these videos (and visiting pet stores!).

Funny, the dog’s name is Bishop (Looking sideways at my readers…)

Check it out:

Well, did you laugh or smile? I still chuckle at this video! Pets are so special!

Until next time, y’all…

~Hospitality Shero


  1. Bishop says

    Heyyyyyyy, hollllll up! My name is Bishop! I’m suing the owner for copyright infringement! …
    I think? …
    Anywho, I’ve seen this video before, but, without sound/narration. In my opinion, a video just can’t possibly get any cuter! This HAS TO BE, the cutest video in history!

    Thanks for sharing Hospitality Shero!
    This gave me my very first smile for the day! đŸ™‚

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