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Quote of the Week

February 17, 2015

You ever had the opportunity to work in a group or on a team? Remember the experience(s)? There’s always that one group member who is slacking big time and holding up progress. So what happens? One of two things: either the whole team is penalized for the slacker’s slack (lol), or you all manage to get it done, but there’s a lot of animosity and anger at the end, when there should be excitement and relief.

Back in undergrad school, in Corporate Finance, the professor actually gave us a project/paper to write. First and foremost, does anyone see ANYTHING wrong with having to write a PAPER in a Corporate Finance class???? Okay, I digress. Anyway, there were several parts to it, which included A LOT of calculations in Excel. Well, guess who ended up doing the first TWO parts because the first two group members kept crying about all the other work they had and how they didn’t understand anything, when all they had to do was ask for help (you know, like I did when I was confused *side eye*)? Yep, you guessed it….moi. Yes, there was a lot of discord for the rest of the way but we did manage to pull it together, thankfully!

Now, the way it’s SUPPOSED to work is this: each team member does their part, right, and all of the parts are pooled together for the final output. Get it? Teamwork. Teamwork = success.

Moral of the story: when everyone does their part and are on the same page, success is bound to happen.


Until next time…

~Hospitality Shero


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