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From Resident to Tourist: Negril DREAM WEEKEND 2015 DESTINATION!!!!




Wah Gwan vacationers galore! Coming from a Caribbean upbringing with strong West Indian traditions I have always traveled back and forth to my parents home in Jamaica and our home in the U.S. However, people always ask me how amazing it must be and how it must be a never ending vacation when I go to the island but it’s the exact opposite!!! Not in the way that I dislike Jamaica or that it’s this struggling third World Country that select news and media play it out to be but more of how it’s this beautiful haven away from your troubles that resort commercials and the travel network boast it up to be.

I’ve NEVER had that experience. Before I knew better I thought that maybe I had been ungrateful or looking at it in the wrong way but as I grew older and wiser I realized that it’s because I always go as a resident. I was young, naïve, and could only enjoy what children do. My parents made trips to Jamaica feel as a home away from home so going to the beach, visiting family members, and going shopping were identical and familiar to the same exact tasks that I’d partake in at home in the U.S.

Behold a new journey and an adult adventure! After looking at trips around the world and trying to decide where to go first I decided to visit my home away from home but in a new light. To see it as more than a home and as a part of who I am. To vacation as an alien to a place I have refreshed in my mind and marked as unknown to my heart in order to open back up a world of love for it all. To go as a TOURIST to re-spark the love that I have grown from youth for this place but to value it as much as people do so that I can be a part of those amazing vacation stories and ‘in your face but you should totally visit sometime soon’ social media posts while adding a little of my cultural flair.

But where do I start…Negril the countries number one vacation/resort location of course. But it’s either go big or go home! Henceforth, Jamaica DREAM WEEKEND 2015-This years theme-THE ESCAPE. Five days of non-stop parties in Negril, Jamaica from August 5th (A day prior to the countries Independence Day on the 6th) through August 9th. Hundreds of people from all around the world travel to Jamaica for this festive week long party and concert series each year.

Backed by the Caribbean based Dream Entertainment Company and sponsored by Smirnoff this event is sure to be a crowd pleaser with regular admission and VIP bands with all inclusive food and liquor for the ten back  to back events all stuffed in one week. The top hotels and resorts like the popular Sandals and Couples Swept Away offer guests a nice relaxation from the hyper active activities with a peaceful getaway full of nice accommodations. More affordable hotel alternatives like Coco La Palm offer packages for guests as well to fit your budget so even the nine to five minimum wage worker can enjoy one vacation out of the year and feel like a celebrity.

Here I come sun kissed skin, sand in between my toes, and a rum punch in hand as I listen to the smooth vibes of reggae music and happy people having fun together as a unit; avoiding the troubles of the world for one week of total bliss! That I can’t wait to experience. I will keep you up to date on my journey. But why not join in on the fun as well.

Check out for more details on hotels, dream weekend event bands, and the entire Dream Weekend experience including pictures and videos from past events.

You won’t want to turn this trip down!

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  1. Bishop says

    Wow! I NEVER knew about this event! Thanks for the head’s up Etta East! And, great point about re-framing your thinking into a “tourist” mindset, instead of a “native”, when going back to a place you’ve frequented, or that you may call home. In essence, what you’re saying when you do that is, I will not take this beauty that I know so well for granted. That’s a very wise perspective actually, on ALL things we are familiar with! Great blog! Thanks! 🙂

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