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‘Hire me’ Graduate is Back with a New Sign

January 28, 2015

After 300 unsuccessful job applications 22-year-old Alfred Ajani’s search for work had become “depressing”.

So much so that he decided he needed “do something different”, heading down to the UK’s busiest train station with a sign asking passers-by for a job.

It worked. Alfred was inundated with offers and started work as a PR manager within weeks.

Now he’s back at London Waterloo, but with a different sign. This time it has “Now I’m hiring” printed on it.

“I went back to the exact same spot,” he told Newsbeat.

“I’ve already had more than 90 CVs to go through.”

The 22-year-old was offered a job at a recruitment consultants shortly after his stunt last August.

Now he says he wants to give something back.

“More people are going to university and a degree is less relevant,” he said.

Alfred at his graduation
Alfred graduated from Coventry University

“I wanted a degree to mean something again.”

“Tuition fees went up the year or two after I went to uni, so kids are paying a lot of money and still struggle to find a role.

“Their friends who didn’t go to university are probably on a bigger salary than them.”

Alfred graduated from Coventry University with a degree in marketing, but found permanent work tough to come by.

“It’s depressing getting those rejections. I wasn’t crying or nothing, but depression was creeping in.

“I live 30 seconds from Waterloo, so I thought it’s only got to work once and it did.

“I got offers for interviews pretty much straight away. I got home and I had over a thousand retweets and messages.

“Barcelona picked it up, Manchester United tweeted me. I was offered an internship there, but I just couldn’t relocate with the salary being offered, which was gutting, even though I’m an Arsenal fan!”

Alfred and Alex SongAlfred with former Arsenal player Alex Song

Alfred hopes returning to the station five months on will inspire other graduates to try something different when looking for work.

“Really know how to sell yourself on your CV, ” he said.

“Make sure it’s clear what you can bring to the role. Call the company and show them what you’re all about.

“It has changed my life.

“People say I don’t wear a suit anymore so I must be successful.”

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