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  1. Bishop says

    Well, I think when it comes to “hospitality”, it is about not only being friendly; nice; cordial, etc, if you’re in the business of “servicing”, but, it is also about fulfilling needs or wants for Guests, as well. You want to be as complete as possible in providing what your Guests may need when being a patron of your establishment. I think Margaret Way is being somewhat comedic or sarcastic in emphasizing “liquor”, because I think the first law, should be “keeping one’s Guests supplied with what they want or need at any given time”, should be the “first law”. For example, if your Guest has just walked up to check-in, what they desire at that time is a smile and friendly greeting; if your Guest is in there room, and they and their mate craves a relaxing cocktail or wine, then what they desire is for your hotel, restaurant, or bar, to be able to meet that need, if they prefer it from your establishment.

    So, I agree with this quote, ESPECIALLY, if your business is a bar! LOL

    And, for all other businesses, whatever need is desired to be met by your Guest at that particular time, becomes the “first law” đŸ™‚

    Thanks Hospitality Shero for posting this thought-provoking quote by Margaret Way.

    Keep’em coming đŸ™‚

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