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Best Cruises for Food Lovers

October 31, 2014

High-end beers, vegetarian menus, seafood-centric restaurants and locavore cuisine: A guide to the best eating and drinking on ocean and river cruises.—Gina Hamadey and M. Elizabeth Sheldon


What do you think? Would you cruise for the food?

Until next time…

~Hospitality Shero

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  1. Bishop says

    I really enjoyed tabbing through these pages showing the ships! Thank you!
    And, “Would you cruise for the food?”, you ask us above.
    Pssshhh! I’d cruise for bottled water and toast! LOL
    I love cruises!


  2. Bishop says

    Actually, Sartenada, Allure of the Seas is mentioned. Click on the third to the last ship. When you do, you will see, “Royal Caribbean”. Then, read what is stated below that. It speaks of Oasis of the Seas, then, in the same paragraph, Allure of the Seas 🙂

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