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The Reason Behind the Struggle of Not Making Money

October 29, 2014

Money is truly an elusive topic for the best of us, and it is a topic whose psychology has always seemed to have fascinated me. Why do some have more than others? Why do we hear some people perpetually struggle ALL their lives, whereas some struggle and after a few years, they’ve “made it”, financially? It’s something the average person does not think about it and it is the very reason they are average.

Firstly, money is neutral however your beliefs towards it aren’t. If you are to make real money, make it an absolute point to surround yourself with people who are already generating it. The law of synchronicity applies here and simply because we are the sum of the five closest people to us. Money itself has it’s own laws, and until you really learn them, understand them and begin to rewire your mindset to always and consistently think like a wealthy person, you will be stuck in the poverty trap FOREVER.

Most people never ever make a substantial amount of money for themselves with freedom attached, simply because they have all sorts of stories going on in the background when it comes to it. money-blogSubconsciously, society demonizes money and it most definitely demonizes being rich as something that is synonymous with being arrogant, snobbish, elitist, proud and those who look down on others. Make no mistake; yes there are rich folk that do indeed behave this way because money is only a magnifier of what is in your heart, on a larger level. It is socially ACCEPTABLE to live in poverty, to struggle and just to “get-by”. When your beliefs are along the lines of “rich people are greedy and dishonest” as well as “money is evil”, your subconscious is going to do EVERYTHING in it’s power to keep you away from “evil” (read: money). It is a challenging position to be in and you will often find, most people will DEFEND their poverty mindset of “it’s never enough” because the broken record playing in their mind, is all they have ever known and should they continue on the path they are, will ever know.

People with a poverty mind-set will complain about literally everything under the sun because complaining is mental masturbation in their mind. It gives them the illusion that something is being done, whereas in actual fact, it’s like being on a rocking horse. Just because it has motion, doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere. If you are to make money, Deciphering-Your-Money-Mindset-04-22-2014you need to address all the ways you are blocking it by having beliefs of greed, avarice and confusing, conflicting beliefs of having it and then not having it. One of the biggest ways we block our abundance flowing to us, is by not keeping track of the money, how much is coming in and going out. Money likes to be adored and appreciated and if you are not doing so, it just won’t show up at your door.

A lot of us have this either or mindset. Like oh “I’d choose love before money” and wonder why they are broke. I chose both. Did you ?

Wow! What an OUTSTANDING article written by the wonderful Nadia Arain!!! We were very impressed with her insight and thoughts. How about you? What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Loved it? Hated it? Share your thoughts below!

Until next time….

~Hospitality Shero

About the Author

Nadia Arain is a Heart Centric Business Woman and Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur who is a partner in dynamic growth for Spas and Salons by using life and spa liberation to catapult your lifestyle from AVERAGE To AMAZING. She is a previous day spa owner, Published Author, Business Mentor and Copywriter, Founder of The Spapreneur Consulting: For the discerning Spa/Salon owner looking to upgrade into Spapreneurship–a magical land of ever flowing clients, windfall wealth and life liberation. Her published titles include The 21st Century Spartanite, Spa Marketing Success and His Commitment Blueprint.

Discover more of her magic for your spa at http://www.the-spapreneur.com today.

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  1. Bishop says

    Yes, Loved this article! My favorite portion of this blog, is, and I quote: “One of the biggest ways we block our abundance flowing to us, is by not keeping track of the money, how much is coming in and going out”…


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